Home Series - Ellen Virgona


In our collection, we explore the idea of Homeward — describing what it means to be in a state of movement and gravitating towards an original state of being. 

PSEUSHI: What does the concept of ‘Home’ remind you of or what memories or feelings does the subject evoke in you?

ELLEN: Home reminds me of living with my Mum and Dad. I'm an only child so we had a tight family unit living in a small house. It evokes feelings of warmth and love. My parents are definitely the coolest people I ever met and I cherish the memories I had with them in my home.

PSEUSHI: Is the idea of home more solidified as a memory / time capsule or is it ever evolving and undefined?

ELLEN: For me, it's a time capsule. I have essentially lived in the same house for 20 years of my short life. I have had stints of renting but always end up back at my home. I live in the house I grew up in with my Mum and Dad. Neither of them live there anymore but I feel safe in the fact that this house provides security, whether it be financial or emotional. In saying this, there are positives as I am immersed in my own memories but this can also be a negative. 
Sometimes I think I should just live elsewhere but there is something comforting in the fact it's truly my home and always will be. 

PSEUSH: First three positive words that come to mind when you try to describe ‘Home’ and three negative words?

ELLEN: Positive words: Security, Sanctuary, Safety
Negative: Isolation, Invasion, Investment