Pseushi: Who are you and how would you describe your work?

Hyun Lee: Heya! I’m Hyun Lee and my work is photography / writing / film

Pseushi: Your work definitely has a signature aesthetic, at least the visual work, but its hard to put my finger on it, how would you describe how your photos and videos look?

Hyun Lee: I'm gonna be annoying and dodge the question cause I actually think the part where you can't put your finger on it is the point, so I try to avoid describing my own work. But I think the specific look of it comes down to certain technical things, eg. I shoot digital but edit in CMYK

Pseushi: I can get behind that, I think what drew me to your work originally is the suggested mystery, almost horror movie like aesthetic and my fascination with how the images were made. What are you working on currently, and how can people see your work in the near future?

Hyun Lee: That's interesting --- its always interesting for me to hear how other people describe my work cause its always unexpected, like I never expect people to find my work disturbing but apparently it happens from time to time.

At the moment I'm working on a film, though that's not going to be done for a long while. I work on 5 different projects at a time but there are no solid plans for exhibition/distribution. I honestly don't know how people can see my work in the near future, Instagram seems like the only reliable platform for that these days.. (100% not a plug) at the same time Instagram is so frustrating, its too fast and too small. I'm still figuring that one out I guess

Pseushi: Yeah its hard to work out a valid place for projects to live, it does suck that the most valid place these days is viewed on a tiny screen, your work would be so amazing to see on a large scale, whether that be a movie screen or large printed photographs.

Do you feel an affinity with Sydney at all? Or do you feel like you exist within an international space through the internet

Hyun Lee: I'm pretty attached to Sydney cause its the city I grew up in and live in. I don't really have any urges to live/work/travel/move overseas. I think its possible to exist in an international space, not just through the internet but through the culture you consume. Sometimes I feel a little provincial being so determined to stay in Australia but I like to think I'm cosmopolitan cause I read books and watch movies from lots of different countries and I hope the things I make have the same reach. Actually I wouldn't mind working overseas. I can't stand holidays though.

Pseushi: I feel the same way, I think there’s some weird romanticism people have to moving away from where they grew up, especially to a well renowned city or country, but I definitely am sticking it out in Sydney and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. If you want something I think staying in a place and building it for yourself is just as valid as travelling chasing it.

Hyun Lee: Yeah I honestly think the thing of moving to a bigger busier city etc. is the real provincial mindset: small town people moving to the big smoke to chase their dreams etc. I'm not really interested in my life playing out that narrative


Pseushi: If it's interesting to you what others take from your work, what is it that you intend to say with it? Or do you leave it open for others to interpret as they will. Two schools of thought I guess

Hyun Lee: I think both sides are important - to have something to say but also to leave it open. I think its important for artists to meet the audience halfway, everyone needs to do a bit of work (like all relationships right?) or healthy relationships at least haha.

Pseushi: Definitely! a nice way of putting it. Finally, where can people find your work

Hyun Lee: and @hyunleeee on Instagram.